“As Yılmazel Law Firm, some of the areas where we provide attorneyship and legal assistance services are stated below. In our Law Firm, we serve individuals and companies working in different sectors. Since the sectors in which we operate are not considered as detailed on our website; Please contact us to get detailed information about our working areas and conditions and to convey your legal problem.

As Yılmazel Law Firm, to individuals and companies; Attorneyship, Legal Consultancy, Litigation and Execution Follow-up, Legal Structuring of Companies, Independent Objective Legal Audit, Turkey and Worldwide Solution Network, Legal Risk Analysis, Legal Education Studies, Fast and Effective Solutions, Preventive – Protective Law, Active Consultancy, Legislation Information, We provide legal assistance services such as seminars. “


In our law firm, we provide services in all family law cases such as separation, divorce, custody, alimony, material and moral compensation, debt cases between divorced spouses, property sharing cases.


Commercial Law

Lawyer Senem YILMAZEL, the founder and manager of our office, is specialized in Commercial Law; He carried out his scientific studies in this field in the Department of Commercial Law at Gazi University, and completed his master's degree. In this context, commercial business law, corporate law, negotiable instruments law, international law, transportation law, competition We provide legal support in all areas including mediation law, maritime law, insurance law, electronic trade law, company mergers and acquisitions, and the execution of the arbitration process. Within the scope of our protective attorney and preventive legal activities, we provide legal support to individuals, tradesmen, companies and traders operating in different sectors in drafting contracts, reviewing and arranging contracts, and providing consultancy before legal proceedings. Lawyer Senem YILMAZEL, the founding manager of our office, has done scientific studies on the negotiable documents; He has written a book on the subject of check.


Business Law

Lawsuits regarding all employee and employer claims, compensation arising from work accidents and occupational diseases, reinstatement, service determination, severance and notice compensation, overtime, etc. We carefully carry out lawsuits regarding all workers' rights, termination, defense, all warning procedures, preparation and negotiation of contracts.


Inheritance Law

All cases arising from inheritance, denial of inheritance, preparation and opening of testament, removal of partnership, deed cancellation and registration cases for muris collusion, criticism cases, lawsuits arising from inheritance contracts, prevention of intervention arising from inheritance, ecrimisil, etc. We provide legal assistance and advocacy services in terms of all cases related to inheritance.


Criminal Law

With our expert team, we provide necessary legal assistance and advocacy services to the defendants and complainants at all stages such as Police Station, Prosecutor's Office and Court within the scope of defense of your rights, elimination of your damages, preparation of claims and defenses within the scope of the Turkish Criminal Law.


Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Rent, check, bill, mortgage, contract, invoice etc. To initiate execution proceedings in order to collect your receivables arising from all matters, all follow-up procedures and lawsuits related to this; If an enforcement proceedings have been initiated by you, our law firm carries out the activities of making objections and filing necessary lawsuits, providing legal support during the bankruptcy and concordat process. Lawyer Senem YILMAZEL, the founding manager of our office, has done scientific studies on the negotiable documents; He has written a book on the subject of check.


Real Estate And Construction Law

We provide services in all cases related to immovable property cases such as deed cancellation and registration, intervention (prevention of intervention), izale-i şüyu (removal of partnership), ecrimisil (occupation compensation). Sending notices within the scope of all disputes such as construction contracts for flat, sales and promise to sell contracts between the Contractor / Seller and the buyers; All transactions / lawsuits such as deed cancellation and registration, compensation cases are carried out by us.

Yilmazel Hukuk Bürosu

Consumer Law

All cases where one of the parties is a consumer; We provide legal assistance and advocacy services in many areas such as defective / wrong product delivery, product not delivered, distance sales contracts, internet shopping, purchases from private schools and private teaching institutions, and real estate sales.

Yilmazel Hukuk Bürosu

Tax and Administrative Law

Filing and execution of cancellation and full jurisdiction cases regarding tax disputes; dismissal from the civil service, non-appointment, material and moral damages arising from these, damages arising from the service fault of the administration, zoning, privatization, expropriation, tender, license cancellation, etc. All cancellation and compensation cases related to the administration's transactions are carried out in our office.

Yilmazel Hukuk Bürosu

Other Areas

Apart from the areas listed above; Factoring and Leasing, Construction Law, Sports Law, Banking and Finance Law, Foreign Trade and Customs Law, Liability and Compensation Law, Press Law, Constitutional Law, Foreigners Law, International Law, Energy and Mining Law, Civil Aviation Law, European Union Law Company Mergers and Acquisitions, Property Law, International Private Law, Environment - Mining - Health - Tourism Law, Law of Obligations, Contracts Law, Negotiable Instruments Law, Maritime Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law, Transportation Law, We continue our work in many special areas such as International Arbitration, Electronic Commerce Law, Capital Market - Banking - Stock Exchange - Securities Law.